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Gifts for Her: May Gift Guide inspired by Mrs Carter

Beyonce 02 In honour of the fabulous Mrs Carter playing London’s 02 arena this month, this edition of the Crumbs for Men gift guide is a Beyonce special.

So if you’re buying a gift for a special female, here are my suggestions; the bonus is you don’t need to be a multi-millionaire rapper to afford any of them.

Beyonce Heat

Beyonce Heat PerfumeFirst up is the obligatory celebrity perfume. Mrs Carter has a range of perfumes but my favourite of the bunch and sure to be a No 1 hit with your chick is ‘Heat’. Scented with magnolia and red vanilla, it’s warm and sexy, just like the lady herself. priced from £23.50.

Bootilicious beachwear by H&M

Beyonce is the new poster child for H&M having collaborated on a new summer range featuring a selection of swim and beachwear. Buy your babe a bikini in the hopes she’ll look bootylicious on the beach. As a bonus you can feel virtuous, as 25% of sales will be donated to the charity H&M For WaterAid. Beachwear prices start from £3.99 and available instore and online at

Put a Ring on it from Tiffany & Co

In case you happen to be Jay-Z and you’re searching Crumbs for Men for gift ideas, how about this Tiffany & Co fancy diamond and platinum art deco ring? With a green-blue diamond at its centre and priced at a mere £325,500, it’s the perfect gift for ‘er indoors from

Written by Donna Grant

Pretty Green