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Relationship Advice: Falling for autumn

man massaging womanI was at Bluewater the other day and fell into Autumn! Noooo!!  Alas the summer (we actually had one this year) is almost gone (especially seeing all those winter woolies in the shops) but your lovely sun-tanned lady is still at your side!  This means she is sighing at the thought of you watching all that footy again instead of rubbing her curves with factor 30 sun cream. What to do?

Change nothing except the cream; to massage oils of patchouli and musk and continue to focus on her curves! Get this right and she may even indulge your going to the Sports Bar with the lads!

So here's to Autumn and the 'falling' around it will bring - get it?! Hahaha!

Written by Joyce Jones  

Image courtesy of photostock/

Pretty Green