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Sexy post Valentines guide

Yes, we know that Valentines has already passed, hopefully you managed to score some points by selecting one of our gifts from our Valentines day gift guide.

CFM are strong believers that doing something special for your partner should extend way past Valentines Day.Follow our guide to an evening of indulgence and you may both end up playing hookie from work the following day.

Tease Game

Now this game is all you need to spice up those cold nights; other than what’s inside the box, to make things even hotter you can add a blindfold, massage oil, music, some body paint, a bottle of wine and an open mind (sounds like a lot, but boy is it worth it).

Tease is available to play as a couple or with a group of friends – I’d suggest you choose your friends wisely or the “roll the dice and kiss the player on the right … on a different part of the body each time” may prove to be more pain than pleasure.

Little Devil Vibrating Ring

After a box of goodies from Durex landed on our desks at Crumbs for Men, we had to include at least one treat from their box of treasures; what romantic night in couldn’t benefit from a few Durex items?

The Little Devil vibrating ring provides up to 30 minutes of “naughty quivering pleasure”. It may look scary upon first sight, but don’t let that stop you. Buzz away! Available for

Tender is the Night Massage Bar

This crushable heart shaped bar by Lush has a heavenly scent and is easy; you can break off a piece and get to massaging. Made from fair trade Shea and murumuru, the vanilla scent mixed with jasmine and ylang ylang Tender is the Night has a soft fondant core that makes for an all the more pleasurable massage.

SOAK Yourself

This gift set or “bath ritual recipe kit” as they like to call it is a perfect suggestion for a night in with your partner. According to the people at SOAK Yourself, every couple can benefit from some unwind time by bathing together, allowing you to reconnect with your partner.

The kit contains a candle and holder, a couple sachets of chocolate flake tea, silk & spice fizzing and foaming bath salts, homemade soap, massage oil and a “one hour to yourself” hall pass for both you and your partner. Clever right?


Whoever said romance was dead couldn’t have been a Crumbs for Men reader.

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