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Top positions to try this month from We-Vibe

Top positions to tryBored of using the same positions over and over again in the bedroom? If so, pick up We-Vibe’s We-Book of Delights to explore, experiment and discover more ways to broaden your world of intimate pleasure.  

Until your copy arrives, here are some of We-Vibe’s top positions to inspire you this month:

Elevated Pleasure

She: supports her weight on her back and shoulders while arching her back to elevate her pelvis.
He: spreads his knees and grips to support her hips. Together: use firm movement for intense stimulation.

Get Your Kicks:

She: lies on her side, raised up on one arm.
He: straddles one of her legs, holds the other leg perpendicular to his chest and enters her slowly. Together: move up and down, in and out, in a gentle rocking motion.

Hot and Steamy: (one for the shower…)

She: leans against the wall and raises one leg for easier entry.
He: stands with one leg forward to help support her weight, grasps her bottom and gently penetrates.
Together: kiss and enjoy the shared pleasure. Keep things slippery with a lubricant.

Lap of Luxury:

She: leans back to raise her legs one at a time and rest them on his shoulders.
He: sits on a bed or in the bathtub and guides her into position.
Together: vary the angle of insertion to find the most pleasing position.

Spoon ‘til you swoon:

She: lies on her side and tilts her pelvis to find the ideal position for G-spot stimulation.
He: snuggles up behind and enters her in the spooning position.
Together: kiss cheeks, neck or arms and move in sync.

Tried every position there is? Why not give one of our love games a go?

A taste sensation:

Prepare for this game with a trip to the supermarket to pick up foods that your partner finds sensual –strawberries or chocolates, for example. When the time is right, get comfortable and playfully blindfold him or her. Together, sensually explore the texture, scent and taste of each food. Try to correctly identify each one. Reward correct answers with a special touch or kiss – and when your partner gets it wrong, require that they pleasure you in a satisfying way.

Try these tips and spice up those cosy nights in!

We-Book of Delights is available from

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