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The Other Art Fair Review

The other art fairA delectably kooky band playing on suitcase drums and vintage instruments welcomed the guests into the upper floor of the distinctly art-student venue, from where the fine array of varied and exciting art forms could be most easily viewed as an intriguing portfolio of work. 

Descending into the labyrinth of creative talent, a wide variety of art forms and styles present themselves; everything from vivid photography to delicately painted canvases, abstract installations and intriguing sculptural pieces. The show was a spectacular exhibition of wide-ranging and remarkable talents.

From the intense and poignant biro drawings of Mark Powell to Minho Kwon’s impressively innovative fusions of architectural and observational drawing; the outstandingly fresh, flamboyant paintings of Richard Zarzi (a personal favourite) to the elegantly seductive Renaissance-inspired works of Maria Mari Murga; and the exquisitely ethereal portraits of Rebecca Fontaine Wolf, the Other Art Fair offered a truly astonishing selection of great emerging creative talent in a flawlessly relaxed and chilled-out atmosphere.

Crumbs is Lovin’ Laurence Poole

Having studied at Croydon College of Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Sussex Coast College and Brighton University, Laurence Poole’s artistic talents span photography, product design, graphics and sculpture. 

Often using found objects such as toy cars, vintage camera films and old vinyl records in the construction of his outrageous and innovative sculptures and product design, Poole’s work is a bachelor’s dream décor.

Each sculpture is entirely unique, comprising of a quirky blend of unusual, colourful and kooky objects, and offers an individual, magnetic charm (Poole's Vinyl Revival pictured above).

Written by Hanna Tyrell 

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