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Dual Power Bank Portable Charger by Thumbs Up

Think how great it would be to never have to worry about your mobile device having a dead battery whilst you are out and about…Thumbs Up now has this covered with the Dual Power Bank.

Portable chargers are not a new invention, there are many brands offering this service, though Thumbs Up have gone one step further to produce a device that is so powerful, it can charge two of your electronic devices at the same time.

The Dual Power Bank carries a hefty 6600m/Ah of power with a LED display that tells you just how much charge power you have left in the unit – which means you can decide whether to use the juice to power up your laptop, kindle, phone, iPad. or choose two at a time.

The Dual Power Bank comes with various connectors for your mobile devices you can also accommodate a whole lot more using the USB connector, which allows you to plug it into your laptop and power up for your next trip.

We love this smart device and have waved goodbye to ever having a dead phone battery again... hmm, now we must think of a new excuse for not making that all important call back.

The Dual Power Bank is available for £39.99 on

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