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@crumbsformenCrumbs for Men Magazine FacebookCFM Lifestyle Mag Google PlusCFM Lifestyle Mag Instagram App Review logoLike most people in the modern world I own, and regularly use, a smartphone. As a sports writer and, more importantly, a sports fan I spend a lot of time trying to navigate sport websites on a screen a lot smaller than what could be described as ‘optimal’ size.

I’ve also found that most apps for this are so focused on football it takes too long to find out anything else that I usually don’t bother.

Enter App AppI was a bit sceptical when originally asked to review this app, would an app by a channel known for showing all sports under the sun really give me useful news? I mean, my favourite memory of Eurosport was watching the cross-country skiing championship followed by the World Championship of Biathlon when I was having trouble sleeping once. Well, I was pleasantly surprised.

Not only does this app give you the breaking top news when you load it up, but it allows you to seamlessly flick through all the sports you want in a flick-down menu. It doesn’t matter what you like; F1, curling and speed skating are all there with regular updates and dedicated correspondents. Genuinely my new favourite app for keeping up to date on the go.

Written by Scott Johnson. 

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