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Griffin WoodTones Over The Ear Headphones Review

Griffins WoodTones HeadphonesWe at Crumbs for Men are suckers for a good set of headphones, we've tried many from the Plattans by Urban Ears, Marshalls, Ministry of Sound to the badge heavy Ferrari over the ears headphones. 

Now the latest audio brand to step up to the ear are Griffin's WoodTones, they are sturdy, quite DJish in appearance with high quality sound, not as heavy on the base as I would like, but for those minimalist listeners who are after balanced sound whilst on their morning commute, the Woodtones by Griffin are more that capable contenders.


Unique Style and Design

Griffins WoodTones Over the EarsYes, the WoodTones are made partly from real wood, they are available in walnut, beech or sapele and has a one button controller attached to enable you to play, fast forward, rewind, skips tracks or answer your phone with a simple touch. One down side would be the lack of volume control on the headphones, though there are a slew of other good points that work in favour of the WoodTones.

Another strong point for these beauties has to be the comfort factor; their leather padding means they are so comfy on the ear that you will find yourself making any excuse to use your WoodTones... Though I wouldn't take them along on date night, the urge to use them may be too great.

Griffin's WoodTones are available for £74.99 from Griffin at

Written by Christy Black.

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