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Motorola Razr i Review

When it comes to the Motorola Razr, I must begin with a bit of nostalgia, a trip down memory lane…

I always had fond memories of my first Motorola Razr phone; we had a very loving relationship from the sexy, thin, flip design to the sleek nickel plated key pad - I mean we are talking nine years since our first meeting, so I for one was particularly excited when I got word that the new Motorola Razr i was making it’s way to my office.

Great expectations

Upon initial inspection of the new Motorola Razr i, the first things that stood out was how similar it seemed to the iPhone 5; I was sent the white version of the Razr i and noticed the similarities in size and shape. Was this a good or bad thing? Only time and performance will tell.

The Motorola Razr i is the first smart phone with a 2.0GHz intel processor which makes for a better user experience. The application launch speed is second to none. Web browsing is smooth and fast and the Razr i is extremely easy to use.

The retina display slightly lacks the punch of some other smart phones like the Samsung S3 and aforementioned iPhone; at times you may notice pixilation when browsing the web or looking at texts, however one positive of the Razr i is its particularly low glare, very useful when using the phone in sunlight.

Another clever detail of the Motorola Razr i is the water repellant cover so you can use the phone in the rain without having to worry too much about water damage.

I enjoyed my play time with the Razr i and with a £340 price tag, it is a worthy contender for the smart phone market.

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