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Mr Porter Meets Bremont: World-Class British Timepieces

Bremont WatchesFrom September 2013, Mr Porter has teamed up with British born brothers, Nick and Giles English, manufactures of Bremont Chronometers. The creators of these delectable yet durable timepieces are the latest names in fashion to partner up with the online retailer.


The Bremont Brothers


Co-founded in 2002 by brothers, Nick and Giles English, the award winning Bremont brand became available in 2007. Based in Henley on Thames, the very British company is the result of the brothers’ aviation and engineering experience. However, the stately name of Bremont has surprisingly humble beginnings, with the story of inspiration being revealed on the designer’s website.

Be The Best


Bremont and Mr PorterHere, we see the exclusive online release of an exceptional collection of watches, channelling the hardwearing class of the armed forces. The brothers have worked closely with worldwide Air-Force, Navy and Army squadrons to test and develop these functional works of art. As certified Chronometers, these quality pieces set the standard in timekeeping, with each watch holding a three year warranty (a rarity in watch manufacturing).

Shying away from the use of mainstream materials such as quartz, Bremont go much further than other designers by utilising scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and hardened steel. This ensures precision and durability, so for the highest quality in form and function, Bremont Chronometers are priced between £3,000 and £6,000.

I’ve always believed a man’s watch defines him, so whether you’re looking to express the classic or embellished side of your personality, this collection certainly has it. A proud moment for Mr Porter, this new partnership sets the benchmark in beautiful watches, and whether Bremont and Mr Porter like it or not, the parallel has to be made... There's something very ‘James Bond’ about British watchmakers working closely with the armed forces, don't you think?

Written by Luke Fazakerley.

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