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Pioneer Headphones Review

Pioneer STEEZ SE-D10E-S 

pioneer steez headphonesI was already in the market for some headphones when I was informed that CFM had another pair coming in.If I am honest, I am not a fan of in-ear headphones phones, as I can never find something that comfortably fits in my ears. Also, with most of these, for the best sound, you have to find the best fitting buds. Meaning, you often have to test a few (often a fiddly process).

Enter the Pioneer STEEZ SE-D10E-S. These are the latest edition of Pioneer’s dance performance collection. These in-ear phones were designed and built with high performance dancers in mind, which means they must withstand vigorous movement, stay in place whilst providing great sounds.

Pioneer STEEZ SE-D10E-S Positives


The Pioneer STEEZ SE-D10E-S comes in a couple of colour variations – Crumbs for Men were delivered the white and silver pair. Both colour variations are very stylish, but the white pair does stand out. They have dual coiled cords from the ear and hook around the ears due to its “skull-fit hangers”.

Sound Quality

After finding the right ear buds as mentioned above, getting everything in the right place by making adjustments with its “Active Fit” nozzle function, I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality! This little beauty is blessed with “high performance 9mm speaker units” which provides great sound in general, particularly heavy bass.

Pioneer STEEZ SE-D10E-S Negatives

My only gripe with the Pioneer STEEZ SE-D10E-S is, THEY HAVE NO CONTROLS. No volume, no forward/rewind, no phone call answer/disconnect button, no nada! It reminds me of what Steve Jobs had in mind for the iPod Shuffle… It is for dancers, just made for dancing so why have all those other distractions?

Written by Harry Adu 

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