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Review: Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones

Parrot Zik HeadphonesImagine if you could conjure up your ideal pair of headphones. What would be some of your prerequisites? Let me see; great sound, motion detecting controls, slick design... I hear all of you shouting out your wants and needs, well guess what? Parrot has provided all of the above with their sexy stylish Zik's.

Their slogan is "the most advanced headphones" which some may think is quite an assumptive statement, but from the moment I slipped on a pair of Zik's, I understood where they were coming from. These headphones are sheer class, the design of silver and black  with a splash of orange is very chic and most importantly the sound quality is top notch.

The Specs:

  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Motion sensors
  • Noise cancelling
  • Four built in microphones
  • NFC for instant pairing
  • Parrot audio suite app

The Verdict:

Zik HeadphonesThe Zik's come highly recommended from the Crumbs for Men team, the motion sensors were a great novelty- pause the music by removing the headphones from your ears and like magic, the music resumes once you return them to your ears.

A lot of thought has obviously gone into the design of the Zik's; the leather padded ear pads are practical, comfy and great looking though a bit bulky to transport around, I would have loved a hard carry case to protect my precious cargo along my travels, though not to worry as the Zik's do appear to be a sturdy pair of headphones.

The free downloadable app which allows you to control the eq of your headphones through your phone or device is a must. I kept the Ziks on most of the evening as all songs sounded like the first time I had ever heard them through the headphones, especially when I slipped to concert hall mode. the ability to shift the angle of the speakers was also a plus that kept me occupied for ever- my partner was definitely not amused. I would have heard the words "engage" had it not been for the good noise cancelling feature.  What can I say? The Zik's are my type of headphones.

Available from apple for £299.95.

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