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Review: Please stand up for the Pioneer DDJ-SB

Pioneer DDJ-SBI've always fancied myself as a bit of a DJ, I probably even had a DJ name growing up... if I could only remember it now. Anyways, when the Pioneer DDJ-SB landed on our doorstep at Crumbs for Men, of course I took it as a sign as fond memories of my partying days rushed to the forefront of my mind.

Being that I am now older and slightly wiser (I hope), before I started drafting my letter of resignation and rushed home to sort through my box of records I saved just in case, I peeked inside the box.

The Pioneer DDJ-SB is a quality performance DJ controller. It comfortably bridges the gap between the authentic DJ and the music enthusiast, an ideal gadget for those who want a professional model at entry-level prices.

Following on from its predecessors, the DDJ-SB uses the same Serato DJ intro software which can be upgraded to Serato DJ at a cost to unlock more features like the shift button that allows you to record your mixes and save for later use in the club and the sampler bank with additional sounds and loops (excuse me as my mind runs briefly to my letter of resignation).

With the DDJ-SB, Pioneer offers users a host of new features like the new filter fade which offers a seamless blend between tracks of different styles and have also added the capability to cross fade the bass in and out on each track.

DDJ-SB Additional Features

  • 2 large jog wheels.
  • 8 performance pads.
  • Plug and play.
  • Plug a mic for mc or vocalist.
  • Slip mode for scratching.

Available from for only £199, the Pioneer DDJ-SB will keep you entertained for hours, offering a great portable unit without the need to compromise on quality or function. 

Serato DJ intro software

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