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Timbergram LoveI know, I know, Valentines is not your favourite gift buying time but as usual, Crumbs For Men is here to help. Armed with our shopping advice and expertise in the field of buttering up the laydees, you won’t go wrong. Have we ever steered you wrong thus far?

Top positions to tryBored of using the same positions over and over again in the bedroom? If so, pick up We-Vibe’s We-Book of Delights to explore, experiment and discover more ways to broaden your world of intimate pleasure.  

man massaging womanI was at Bluewater the other day and fell into Autumn! Noooo!!  Alas the summer (we actually had one this year) is almost gone (especially seeing all those winter woolies in the shops) but your lovely sun-tanned lady is still at your side! 

tennis anyone?I love tennis and love Wimbledon and all the excitement it brings; but it may be that your lady does not like tennis and so is not willing to sit on your sofa all evening 

Square cut engagement ringLet’s be honest: getting engaged is quite possibly the biggest and scariest step in your life to date. There are so many things to think of before you do and what if you get it wrong?

Beyonce 02 In honour of the fabulous Mrs Carter playing London’s 02 arena this month, this edition of the Crumbs for Men gift guide is a Beyonce special.

Jennifer LawernceThere are many ways to recognise when you have officially ‘made it’ as an actress.

Being that Sunday the 10th March is Mothers Day, this month CFM is turning the attention to those special mothers out there.

Yes, we know that Valentines has already passed, hopefully you managed to score some points by selecting one of our gifts from our Valentines day gift guide.

CFM are strong believers that doing something special for your partner should extend way past Valentines Day.

Well, since it would be very difficult for all you coupled up men out there to hide under a rock and let Valentine’s pass without much disruption to your daily routine.

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