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Chick Stuff

CFM’s gift guide is back with some of our favourite choices of gifts for that special lady, let us know if you agree?

1. Eliza Handheld Folio Clutch £595

There is no reason for your lady not to love this clutch from Thomas Lyte, made from the finest grained leather. It ticks all the right boxes


Miss Polly Rae is one of Burlesque's brightest stars, founder and leading lady of the internationally renowned Hurly Burly Show (currently thrilling audiences at London's Duchess theatre).
She is a multi talented performer who effortlessly combines retro tease and glamour with modern day pop culture. 

Hey fellas, do you need a little help to show your lady how much you care for her? CFM returns with our August Chick Stuff Gift Guide; gift ideas for her.

1. Romy Dress by Ingenue London

Ladies love colour block and she’ll will love you for adding this block orange dress to her collection. Available in various colours for £89 at

To Trust or Not to Trust?

“So you're back from your hols, back into the routine and very pleased to be cuddled up to your girlfriend, who you've really missed. Plus you did miss the Friday night curry but wait…

From Country to City Life

Staying with the whole Queen’s Diamond Jubilee theme (for longer than I should), it is only right that this month’s CFM beauty is an English rose, and a Rose she certainly is, in both beauty and name.
I could go on to quote Shakespeare, but I must stick to the task at hand. This Devonshire model / actress was born Rosie Alice Huntington – Whiteley in 1987. Best known for strutting her stuff on some major catwalks and posing for US lingerie giant, Victoria Secret, her first modelling job was at the age of 16 for a Levi’s campaign.

"Ok so she's trying on her new bikini and ooops she's put on weight! Do not say a word! I repeat do not say a word!

Your mind is going bonkers because you want to say something...OMG... But don't, if you value your life and a warm bed!

Hey guys, here we are again, picking up where we left off last month. We are back with a few of our favourite gifts that will keep you in her good graces for the duration of the summer. Ready? Get your pens out (or stylus’ if you are anything like my bloke).

 1. Azuni Large Jubilee Cuff

Jubilee CuffWith all of the Jubilee talk it seems only fitting that we include a gift that will have your missus feeling warm, tingly and just like a royal.

This Union Jack cuff is hand made with glass beads and is only available online for a limited period of time to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee. £30 at

Not Afraid of Reinvention

Lana Del ReyBorn Elizabeth Woolridge Grant on 21st June 1986 in New York, but better known by her stage name, Lana Del Rey, Ms Rey is the personification of the word “art”. If she were ever to tire from being a singer / songwriter, she could always become an art installation.

Lana Del Rey first broke on to the scene in 2010 with her self-entitled album ‘Lana Del Rey A.K.A Lizzy Grant’, which was released through an independent label and available for a short period of time on iTunes.

The RabbitsRabbits!

So they've been hidden for the whole winter and now they want some action… your feet that is silly! So you're going to hit the wine bars and clubs and let all that spring energy loose! Woohoo!

Remember not to get too carried away. The ladies believe that cool still rules, so if you're looking for that fit young lady, make sure your words are fit too and not just your body. Drunken slurring and drooling is so last decade! Be safe, (you know what I mean?)  Respectful and have fun!

5 of our favourite things…

1.  Lucas Jack

This ring from Lucas Jack is a great statement piece to adorn your lady’s finger. Here at Cfm we are constantly asking, “Who says that size matters?” well, when it comes to rings, bigger is always better.

Pretty Green