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Leila Lopes

Born in the town of Benguela, Angola and no stranger to titles, Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes was crowned Miss Angola in 2010, then went on to claim the Miss Angola UK crown in 2010.

Controversy would later arise over her legal right to enter the competition due to her non-British ties, but we must say that we do like a bit of controversy don’t we?

In spring a young man’s fancy turns to…  the older women…

As older women are choosing (or chasing) younger partners in a ‘role reversal’ scene, one wonders at the reasons behind this modern (or seemingly modern) phenomonen.

The above was on a poster that caught my eye as I entered the female changing room at my local gym.

Do you really need to be told something is “good for you”?  Those of us lucky enough to be blessed with a companion would be able to tell you just how amazing their partner is.


Now that’s a hard one. Is it dead or alive and kicking? Well I guess that depends on the lady in question. Is she a potent feminist or a cool romantic chick? The only way you’ll know how to treat her is to ask her!

Don’t sit around wondering whether she’s the type to open the door herself or whether she prefers to be a romantic diva and have you open it for her...a simple question can go a long way! And you’ll definitely be in her good books just for considerate guy you!

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