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Merc Clothing

Drawing inspiration from the 1960’s Rat Pack for their spring summer 2012 collection with a nautical twist thrown in for good measure, fashion label Merc has some great outerwear for the changeable European weather.

The Dunston £110

This spring Harrington style jacket is the perfect item to take you seamlessly from those spring showers to the lazy summer evenings when the evenings seem to last forever. 


The Refinery
60 Brook Street
T: 020 7409 2001
In all honesty, I am typically not the type to bother with facials. General grooming and massages, yes please! Though I must say, being in the office all day and then jumping on the train and the packed London underground, some pampering was just what the doctor ordered.

When an original recipe product is still going ninety years after it was fist made, it must be doing something right. The brand Black and White have been making this Pomade mixture since 1922. It has survived the second world war, changes in fashion, society and life intact.

In practice, it is a thick white, oily cream. The instructions are to use it sparingly, and it is something that the average consumer should stick to. Too much of this on modern hairstyles creates a greasy look, that is difficult to wash out, but using it sparingly, it provides a firm hold on hair.

sensiderma for men

Why Moisturise?

Although the winter is coming to an end (well fingers crossed, any day now!), there are more reasons for dry skin than these subzero temperatures. From air-conditioning and heating to pollution and UV rays, daily life takes its toll on your skin.

Using moisturiser on your face as part of a daily routine can make a huge difference to the condition of your skin and help in preventing the damaging effects of external forces, and as we all know by now moisturising is not just for girls.

Stuck in a style rut? If you are more vague than Vogue, more bizzare than Harpers, or more geeky than GQ, then worry no more. Consider us a cross between Majorie Proops and Anna Wintour - straight talking mens fashion tips and advice with a sympathetic shoulder pat. Consult our style expert with your fashion dilemmas.

Austin Reed Suit

"I have a wedding to go to at the end of May and I was wondering what would be the best colour suit for me as I don't want to make a statement?"

Why don’t you want to make a statement? Scared all eyes will be on you instead of the bride? Are you normally known for your “statement” dressing and want to change people’s view of you? Your dilemma is intriguing…

Orlebar Brown ShortsSwimwear for men has come a long way since the days when Speedos were acceptable beach style. From the board short to the Brazilian-cut “sunga”, these days there are more designs, patterns and colours than you can shake a surfboard at, so there’s no reason why you can’t strip off in style this summer.

With a definite spring feel in the air it’s a good time to look at updating your wardrobe for the new season. We’ve trawled through the spring/summer collections to bring you the lowdown on the key fashion trends.  

Accessories Maketh the Man

In sartorial terms, accessories are the cherry on the cake; the non-essential ingredient that turns something good into something great. Most men’s accessories are practical items, things that we may not need all the time (bags, scarves, umbrellas); they are an opportunity, however, to add some panache to your outfit.

Dress to Impress

Do you keep up with trends and dress to impress?  If so, then you know colorful, vintage brights are all the rage this spring.  With its affordable fashion, priced between £29 - £129, Bjorn Borg Footwear makes it possible to look like a winner, from head to toe.

If you’re tired of dragging out the same old summer wardrobe each year or are struggling to find a smart alternative to your suit for the office beneath the blaze of the British summer sun (we can dream), then this years menswear trends have some refreshing options.

Fresh off the catwalk of Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Weeks, designers and high street stores alike are heading for summer in style, and the cropped pants are back but this time they’re all grown up.