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No stranger to a bit of bling having swept the board of gold medals at the recent London 2012 Olympic games. Now Usain Bolt turns his hand to help produce a one off golden Nissan GT-R for charity.

“Performance and quality underpins everything Ferrari does” Andrea Perrone, Senior vice president of Ferrari.

Move out of the way all other brands, the big daddy of headphones (the one with the huge cojones) has arrived on the scene and yes, they are brought to you by the Kings of class, Ferrari.

For most of us, the long list of cars that have featured in Ian Flemming’s James Bond series are but a fantasy - simply too expensive and preposterously stylish for the average British motorist to acquire.

Do we show our dads enough appreciation or stretch our gratitude beyond the bog standard socks  and beer when gift buying? Well, this Father’s Day is our opportunity to show some love with some more inspired gift choices.

The Mutewatch

Check out this super slick piece of design. The Mutewatch is an innovative discreet watch for the high-powered workingman or lover of gadgetry.
The time can remain hidden to others, but discreetly revealed when need be – for subtle time checks in boring meetings or conferences, and an alarm can be set to vibrate so only you need be woken and not your partner (great for early morning escapes from strangers beds, though hopefully that’s not why your dad needs it!).

ipad 3A tempting question, especially among “apple” lovers! You know what the stats among consumer markets are? How many “iPad” devices have been sold till to date? To put your brain at ease, as per the information supplied on, 67 millions iPads have been sold to date.

Only last month, Apple was ranked the most valued company in the stock market. Do you have shares in Apple stock? If not maybe it’s time to get some? Especially if you are Mabesssed (Mac-Obsessed), at least this way you will make sure that your expenditure for “Apple” products is coming back to you in a dividend form.

Hear it, feel it

Here at CFM we are firm believers that often times, small things do come in small packages, I mean, “Who says size matters?” and all that good stuff. Well it seems that this idea has been mirrored by the folks at Damson with the unleashing of the tiny bluetooth speaker, known as the “portable party starter” or the Cisor BT5.

Designing your own bike

Cycle shops are forever expanding with the cycle boom in the UK. These shops are nicely laid out, leaving shoppers so spoilt for choice. You usually have to purchase a bike as seen, or at potentially more cost to change some of the components. Many leisure cyclists like a more colourful bike, nice bright and bouncy – soft tyres are not as important as the look of the bike.

So you want to design your own bike, have a multitude of colours at hand and look slick on a commute. It must not be forgotten, a colourful bike will also get the cyclist noticed, which on the busy roads is a certain positive.

Which stylus is for you?

There are quite a few things to consider when choosing a stylus for the iPad, iPhone and other touch screen devices. What you will be using it for is just one. You may think that is an obvious point, but quite an important one to consider all the same.

There are a number of apps that you can use them for, from simple doodling to intricate drawings. The range in price typically emphasises this very point.

“Filling the gap between boring computer bags and snobbish fashion notebook bags”

The Swedish brand, Unit Portables bring you a fun range of bags and pouches that protect your valuable portable players like your iPhone, camera and other “can’t live without” gadgets, in an impeccably stylish way. What we love about the Unit Portables (other than the range of funky colours) is how much they differ from other standard carry cases.

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